Spirituality Talk: Spirituality at Midlife

Spirituality at Midlife

Have you ever taken time to reflect on your life experiences and think about how your views on faith and spirituality may have changed at different times in your life?  At the Frankston Interfaith Network 'Spirituality At Midlife' workshop on Sunday 30th June 2013, at Frankston Library, we had the opportunity to do just that.

Four speakers shared their life experiences with us - Sue, an Anglican priest; Irene, an interdenominational chaplain; Nasirah from the Muslim faith; and Arie from the Sathya Sai faith. After these four speakers, it was opened up to the rest of the group to share their thoughts and experiences. 

We had lively conversations between members of different faith groups about our expectations and spiritual challenges at midlife. A time to reflect on our own journeys.  A time to look at what may have influenced us leading up to and during our midlife.

One theme that emerged was that by midlife we have all faced challenges of some sort and seen a loss of something dear to us.  A loss of a job, loss of a loved one or a health issues or some decline in our physically ability as we age.   Gaining some understanding and clarity around the change and maybe going through a grieving process for the loss maybe part of that midlife adjustment.   

The workshop proved to be a great way of opening up discussion. It provided a focus for reflection on our own spiritual journey and a time to examine our spiritual life and beliefs.